Ideal for those who enjoy

peace and serenity of the

rural civilization,

surrounded by green olive trees,
away from the stress and congestion of the city.
Welcome to our Farm!

L' Agriturismo i Pipetta

Ideal stay for people who want to enjoy the quietness and the serenity of a rural culture, dip into the green colour of olive trees, far away from the city’s traffic and stress.
In 2000’s completely redecorated and adapted to modern requirements.

it’s set in the picturesque village of Legnaro, far 3 km from Levanto and from the Cinque Terre National Park ..


Agriturismo I Pipetta:
Via S. Giovanni Bosco - 19015 Località Legnaro - Levanto (SP)
Cell.388.79.80.126(anche WhatsApp) - 327.77.49.541(anche WhatsApp)

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