Ideal for those who enjoy

peace and serenity of the

rural civilization,

surrounded by green olive trees,
away from the stress and congestion of the city.


The farm, large about 2 hectares, is a family management under the direction of the owner Petrica Marian Benchea and it’s essentially cultivated with vineyards and olive trees.

The oil, famous for its sweetness unique in the country, is the flagship of our production.

In the farm we also cultivate fruit trees (lemons, cherries, oranges, apricots, peaches, greengages, figs)and we produce sweet jams which enrich and gladden every breakfast in the morning.


Agriturismo I Pipetta:
Via S. Giovanni Bosco - 19015 Località Legnaro - Levanto (SP)
Cell.388.79.80.126(anche WhatsApp) - 327.77.49.541(and WhatsApp)

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